PeptomerTherapeutics has developed innovative platform technologies that yield a range of novel antimicrobial oligomers and peptidomimetics active against a range of microbes. Our innovation also enables the repurposing of a novel biocide as antibiotics by synthesizing them in pure form.

Repurposing novel antimicrobial compounds: Traditional path of antibiotic development is limited due to multiple resistance mechanisms adopted by bacteria. On the other hand, non-antibiotic alternatives could be helpful in the fight against MDR pathogens. We have identified antimicrobial polymers used over 3 decades for non-therapeutic purposes with a well-established toxicity profile. In spite of their potent activity against many MDR bacterial and strains, their systemic use is limited due to the presence of undesired impurities. We have invented new methods to make these molecules in pure and potent form and repurpose them as antimicrobials to address AMR issues.

Novel antimicrobial peptidomimetics: Our innovation provides new monomers for synthesis of a new class of peptides with antimicrobial activities: Our unique platform allows the design and synthesis of a series of newer antimicrobial peptidomimetics to target both bacterial and fungi with same molecule.

Antimicrobial oligomers: We have invented methods to make six different classes of antimicrobial oligomers in a step by step oligomerization method, allowing us a chemically defined class of antimicrobial molecules.